Dark Angels Interrogator Chaplain Caphriel

Dark Angels Interrogator Chaplain Caphriel

Dark Angels Interrogator Chaplain Caphriel is the main character of  the story line. An ancient and well decorated veteran given the task of hunting for The Fallen. From way back The Dark Angels Space Marine Chapter has been my favorite. They have lots of awesome special characters and special units but I decided to go with […]

The Git Mug

Git Mug

** We’re closing down git-mug.com, but you can still order it through the shop ** Get your GIT reference sheet on your coffee mug – never forget a command – as long as it’s on the mug. As a frontend developer I like Git and as a human being I love coffee. So @palmin, the […]

Widget to show user progress in WordPress

User progress widget in WordPress

If you run a membership site one way to encourage users to finish their profile is with a little bit of gamification. Here I’ll show how to make a widget to show user progress in WordPress. At laernogetnyt.dk we wanted to give logged in users some advice on how to improve their profiles without having them searching around […]

What I learned from Feng Zhu

I have watched hundreds of videos on “How to draw this” and “Speed painting of that” from a lot of talented artists and great teacher and in this post I’ll tell you what I learned from Feng Zhu. Feng Zhu of the FZD School of Design and renowned concept artist have a YouTube channel under […]

Adepta sororitas apprentices

adepta sororitas apprentices

We all know and love the Sisters of battle, the awesome adepta sororitas, but for the story I wanted someone not as hardcore battle worn and came of with the concept of the Adepta sororitas apprentices – simply refered to as Little Sisters. Spoiler alert: This graphic novel (when one day finished ) will contain fan service. Having […]