Creating a SaaS: Introduction

I will be starting a YouTube series on creating a SaaS from scratch where I will take you through the entire process of making minimal viable solution of a small software as a service. We will go through it in four steps: Wireframes and user flows Design Frontend backend Let us look a bit more […]

Warhammer 40.000 vector icons for download

I often find myself looking for chapter symbols and icons from the Warhammer 40.000 univers when drawing. So I decided to create a database of vector icons, to make this easy accessible for anyone. I have started out with the Imperial Aquila and the chapter symbols of the loyalist Space marine chapters. I will try […]

A better parent page selector for WordPress

Let us see how we can make a better parent page selector for the edit page screen in the admin section. When you create a new page in WordPress you have the  option for selecting a parent page from a dropdown menu – nice and simple. The problem arises when you start to have dosens or hundreds […]