I have joined deemly full time

After seven good years at Klean Kopenhagen I’m starting a new adventure and have joined deemly as CPO. About a year ago an old colleague asked if I knew someone who could help with design and front end development for her start up. Knowing her, and hearing about the concept, I quickly offered to help – […]

Curtain falls – Indiemondo is closing

It’s with a heavy heart that I have to say that we’re closing our VOD site indiemondo.com. After a few years up and running we have to admit that it’s just not profitable for either us or the film makers. When I look back I can spot some now obvioues mistakes we made, but the concept […]

The Git Mug

Git Mug

** We’re closing down git-mug.com, but you can still order it through the shop ** Get your GIT reference sheet on your coffee mug – never forget a command – as long as it’s on the mug. As a frontend developer I like Git and as a human being I love coffee. So @palmin, the […]