I will be starting a YouTube series on creating a SaaS from scratch where I will take you through the entire process of making minimal viable solution of a small software as a service. We will go through it in four steps:

  1. Wireframes and user flows
  2. Design
  3. Frontend
  4. backend

Let us look a bit more into what we will go through.

1.  Wireframes and User flows

We will be starting by wireframing and sketching the platform out. This is to give some idea about which elements we need and where they go. Furthermore we will be looking at the most common 3-5 user flows, to get an idea about how the users will use our platform, so we can help them get started and do their work.

An absolute must have here is user testing, but for his series I will omit, since it is more about showing the process from idea to take a MVP live.

2. Design

I’ll show you my design process for small projects. I am a 20 years user of Photoshop, so that will be my weapon of choice. I am starting to look into Sketch, but that will be for a future series. Again in this phase I will skip the obligatory user tests – just for the sake of pace.

3. Frontend

I am a big fan of creating most of the frontend work before starting the backend. This is because the frontend app can be used for another round of user testing. And with this setup users can actually click a bit around and see the flows of the application. I am using CodeKit for this setup, since it gives easy sass compilation and live refreshing of the browser.

And with the MVC method, I will be using, nothing is wasted in this step, since we can reuse everything later on.

For the framework, I use a custom build one. I do not have anything against Bootstrap, but I can do with a smaller framework for this project.

4. Backend

The backend will be build on Laravel. I am not a superuser here, but I am sure we will make it work and get the final application up and running. I am not going to use React, Vue or AngularJS for this project, since it will slow me down quite a bit – and it will probably be too painfull for you to see me struggle with this anyway.

Laravel is a good choice for this sort of platform, since it comes with a strong MVC framework and user authentication out of the box.

What will we be building?

We will be building an application I named  “Processr”. With Processr you will be able to visualise work processes for your company. This will be more of a macro level tool, so not a tool for managing tasks in development or design sprints. More of a “we have this process, with certain steps”- kinda thing.

The idea is that, internal processes often goes down the drain, because there is not a clear overview of requirements, deliverables and team members responsible for each step. his is what Processr aims to help with.

So when will we be starting?

I January 2018 I will start to publish videos on my YouTube channel and will publish posts here as well with screen shots and other illustrations.

I hope to see you then.

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