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I often find myself looking for chapter symbols and icons from the Warhammer 40.000 univers when drawing. So I decided to create a database of vector icons, to make this easy accessible for anyone.

I have started out with the Imperial Aquila and the chapter symbols of the loyalist Space marine chapters. I will try to add more as I go along.

For updates follow over at my tumblr


SVG is a great standard for vector graphics, making it easy for you to scale the icons up and down to your need. They a Illustrator and Photoshop friendly, or any other program you might need.

Find them on the Warhammer 40K icon page

If you have any nice svg’s lying around you would like me to add, leave a comment and let us see what we can make happen. The idea here is that more is better!



Of course all right to symbols and names belongs to Games Workshop.

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