After a lot of searching around for the perfect inline-editor: the Aloha editor – a open source HTML5 goodie. The website have a lot of good examples to it’s use, so I’ll skip one here and just write a few lines on how I implemented it into bakaCMS – (UPDATE: bakaCMS is dead). For a lot of developers this probably isn’t a big deal, bur for not-a-scripting-master like me it was.

Aloha-editor and Codeigniter

The code I use is mostly taking from the PHP-example at Aloha where they save your text to a session. What I – and I think most other people – need is to store it in a database using mySQL. So here’s what I did.


function saveEditable(event, eventProperties) {
    	  var content = eventProperties.editable.getContents();
    	  var id = eventProperties.editable.getId();
          var fields = id.split(/-/);
          var id = fields[1];
                { content: eventProperties.editable.getContents(),
                id: id } );

    	GENTICS.Aloha.settings = {
    		"i18n": {"current": "en"},
    		"ribbon": false,
    		"plugins": {
    			"com.gentics.aloha.plugins.GCN": {
    				"enabled": false
    		 	"com.gentics.aloha.plugins.Format": {
    				config : [ 'b', 'i','u','del','sub',
                                 'sup', 'p', 'title', 'h1', 'h2', 'h3',
                                 'h4', 'h5', 'h6', 'pre',

    	$(document).ready(function() {

                              "editableDeactivated", saveEditable);


The only thing I changed to get it to work, was this part


var id = eventProperties.editable.getId();
var fields = id.split(/-/);
var id = fields[1];

My id’s on the editable div’s is called id=”content-1″, id=”content-2″ ect. which is generated from an unique ID in the database for each field which is attached to ‘content-’. The thing is when Aloha-editor takes the div’s ID’s by the getId()-function, you’ll get ont ony the numbers of the field ( == to the ID in the database for the content) you get ‘content-1′. So I used a it of javascript to split the ‘content-’ from the ‘id’ and could then pars the id and the corresponding content of the div to be injected in the database – which I’m sure you know how to do.

The post address is ‘site/update_text’ due ‘to update_text’ -function in the site controller.

And thats pretty much it. Oh, one other thing about Aloha-editor I didn’t get right away was the lack of ‘bold’ and ‘italic’ -formatting not working. Right until I realized you have to declare it in your css.


b{ font-weight:bold;}


I hope this helped someone and feel free to ask in the comments.

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