It’s with a heavy heart that I have to say that we’re closing our VOD site After a few years up and running we have to admit that it’s just not profitable for either us or the film makers.

When I look back I can spot some now obvioues mistakes we made, but the concept it self I still believe in. Where we failed was in SEO and lack of getting new content.

The setup

We were threee guys from Copenhagen who set out to create a platform for some of the best indie films out there. We could never compete in quantity with a site like and didn’t really want to.

We had one guy on finding films, one on the platform and one who diveded his time between the two besides his other tasks. It was not a full time employment for any of us, but our spare time baby.

Lack of content

Getting content took effort and time – a lot of time! More time than we actually had which lead us to problem nr one: lack of content.

In search of content we scanned some of the biggest indie film festivals for potential films to host in For every 100 film maker we contacted we would get 3-4 films. It was a long way to the aimed for 100 films. An aim we never reached.

No margin for advertising

When you sell film on demand for a few euroes and give half to the film makers and pay 25% VAT of the rest plus fees for payment gateways and hosting services there is not much left.

No SEO strategy

SEO is one of these things we grow tired of hearing about. Mostly because we hear about it from people who wan to sell us SEO optimazation.

When I say we needed a SEO strategy it’s not because we didn’t do anything. We made unique title tags and meta descriptions for all films, we had some blog posts for content marketing and we made it possible for film makers to create a button for their website linking to their film on It’s just not enough. We should have focused much more here, more shareble content and more back links.

I thought I’d do a sectipn on the WordPress platform we build, but I’ll save that for a later post.

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