After seven good years at Klean Kopenhagen I’m starting a new adventure and have joined deemly as CPO.

About a year ago an old colleague asked if I knew someone who could help with design and front end development for her start up. Knowing her, and hearing about the concept, I quickly offered to help – having spend some time in both Photoshop and front end code.

So what is deemly?

We have to legs in the organisation:

  1. The deemly Score
  2. A Review & Rating service

Where the first is a profile based community where users a granted a deemly score the second is a classic SaaS, where we offer a Review & Rating system as a service.

The deemly score

If I steal a bit from our About page, deemly is

deemly is a reputation site, which shows the trustworthiness of users engaging in peer to peer transactions by combining ratings and reviews from multiple peer to peer platforms, such as Airbnb, GoMore, and Trendsales.

Users can leverage their trustworthiness from one site by including ratings and reviews from other sites. This makes the user feel more trustworthy and safer and so will all the other users interacting within peer to peer transactions, online and offline.

We had a little video made:

By this great guy to show the concept in bright colours.

If you have gotten curious, head over at deemly to create your own profile – it is free.

Review & Rating service

This is a more classic business model. If you don’t have a peer to peer Reviews and Ratings you can get with us with a easy to use REST API -and a WordPress plugin if that can help you.

While it is free for you and everyone else to get a deemly profile and a score, the SaaS comes at a price. This is so we don’t have to spam you commercials or build our own add network on top of your data. You can see much more at our page for businesses.

So, all in all, I’m very happy to finally being able to go full time on deemly and give it all I got!


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