So, I put the SVG icon library up again. Long story short, I can’t keep my hands of 40K.


I think most Warhammer 40.000 fans are very well aware of the current uproar on the updates to the Games Workshop IP Guidelines and their crack down on fan creations. As I understand the need to protect ones IP I simply don’t understand the lack of appreciating from GW’s side of having an active – and amazing – community.

I have over the last few years added more than 200  Warhammer 40.000 vector icons to the repository in hope of it helping other community members and for the passion of the universe. With the updates and the general way of thinking on GW’s side I have decided to shut down the repository.

My apologies to the 7.000+ monthly visitors and I hope I will be back once GW sees the light and start to approve what we do for their universe.

I will also stop working on the Rhino racing game I was doing. Nothing big and mostly just to get my hands dirty in Unity and practice some 3D modelling. I just thought it would be a fun little game for people to race a Rhino of the chapter against their friends.

So, I’ll be stopping 40K related stuff and move on to something else.


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    1. Yep, there’s absolutely no reason for this site to shut down. If you look at the fan artwork section of the IP policy it doesn’t violate any of the points.

      Individuals may create their own artwork, drawings and designs, based on our characters and settings, but these must:
      not include artwork or imagery copied from any official Games Workshop material
      be non-commercial, with no money being received or paid. This includes all forms of fundraising activity, and generation of any advertising revenue
      not be publicly distributed, except for no-charge digital distribution
      make it clear that they are unofficial, without using any Games Workshop logos
      not be prejudicial to the goodwill, reputation or integrity of Games Workshop or its intellectual property

  1. Man… right when I find out about this and have a hope that someone has an Iron Lords vector… it goes away. I understand though, best of luck.

  2. I wonder if there’s some kind of ARCHIVE ORGanization that might allow you to view websites from WAYBACK? It would surely would take quite the MACHINE to accomplish all that…

  3. yeah – kinda sucks in every way what GW are doing. But I guess as they grow and profits increase the shareholders want more and more. I have found your icons super helpful over the past few years for my own projects so thanks so much and hopefully things will change in the future and we can get back to fan made stuff again which was after all the life of the community.

  4. for those who liked these icons, i’d recommend using wayback machine, it has a snapshot of this year. I hope that’s useful.

  5. Thats heresy. I’ve referring peeps for a while now. I hope someone got a backup before removing here. Google here I come again.

  6. GW is shutting down fan works out of jealousy.

    “If The Emperor Had a Text-To-Speech Device” has better story than current 40k, and the “Astartes” animations have better graphics and atmosphere than any official 40k material.

    GW is to 40k, what the Ecclesiarchy is to the Emperor.

  7. Just wanted to state that by shutting this down before being asked too, you are contributing to the current, sad state of affairs allowing GW to terrorize the community into only buying GAMES WORKSHOP approved products, and never accepting anything for free. Please try to reconsider, we can only improve our situation by standing up to commercialized tyranny.

    Your prolific work will be sorely missed, but I think you may be missing the point of their community-affiliate letters, Youtube & Twitch creators have received the bulk, as GW recognizes “views” as translating to dollars, and assumes locking down Video-content is an easy solution to Brand Management (without weighing the community fallout by the looks of it…)

  8. Hey, bit late to the party but I just wanted to say thanks for the work you’re putting in. I come here every so often to grab a SVG since they’re great for extruding in Blender to put some heraldry on 3D prints

  9. Thank you so much for putting the back online.
    Your efforts and your input into the community is very appreciated, and not taken for granted!

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