Buy Me Time web app


Generate fake PDF’s which your boss will fail to open, buying you an extra day to finish the real one. The Buy Me Time web app got made after a bit of drinking and talking about ‘dirty tricks’ in working life. Check it out here:

Page link generator for WordPress

page link generator

Plugin is no longer active On we wanted to give the film makers a chance of putting a button on their website that links to their film. So we build a small plugin listing all the films and when a film was chosen a link button was generated. I’ve wrapped up the code and […]

WordPress category meta fields

category meta fields

The default category pages in WordPress are great at collections of posts – as they are intended, but on some sites  – fx this one – the category pages would work better if they look more like landings pages – enter The Category Meta Boxes. So how do we do this? Luckily a guy much […]

Really simple responsive image slider for WordPress

Plugin is no longer active Really simple responsive image slider for WordPress is a small plugin a created for the site. It’s the same slider that features the screen shots on this page. [rsris_slider] If you want to use it, grap it from the WordPress Plugin page