Warhammer 40K army builder #3: Armoury

Every army needs proper armoury. So I’ill introducing this into army builder right away. War gear is created per army. This means that you can have separate armouries for each of your armies, but in case you have two Space marine armies, you need to recreate all war gear again. The Armoury page At the […]

Live search on category pages


Today we’ll have a look on how to have a simple live search on your category pages. For a demo, visit the film page on indiemondo.com. Here we have ‘Quick search’ input field, which will hide all films that doesn’t contain your search term. Theres two steps: 1. insert the input field and 2. write […]

FAQ list with CSS :nth-child


On the Indiemondo website i’m bulding these days we needed a simple FAQ which could be edited from the Wordpress backend. I considered  to make some kinda custom post type or by doing with custom fields on the page in order to style the A and the Q differently, but it all seemed a bit overkill for a simple list. So in the end I ended up doing it by using CSS :nth-child. Knowing that the Q’s and A’s would just be a list this seemed like the obvious choice. […]