** We’re closing down git-mug.com, but you can still order it through the shop **

Get your GIT reference sheet on your coffee mug – never forget a command – as long as it’s on the mug.

As a frontend developer I like Git and as a human being I love coffee. So @palmin, the creator of Wokring Copy, and I joined forces and created the Git Mug – a mug with a Git cheat sheet.

The mug is not for the hardcode GIT user, cheat sheets rarely are, but for people like me. Who use git on a fairly regular basis and simple just forgets a command or two from time to time.

At git-mug.com you can get a preview of the mug as well as the cheat sheet and purchase you own.

If you or a developer near you are in the market for a mug go check it out over at git-mug.com.


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