I often find myself looking for chapter symbols and icons from the Warhammer 40.000 univers when drawing. So I decided to create a database of vector icons, to make this easy accessible for anyone.

I have started out with the Imperial Aquila and the chapter symbols of the loyalist Space marine chapters. I will try to add more as I go along.

For updates follow over at my tumblr


SVG is a great standard for vector graphics, making it easy for you to scale the icons up and down to your need. They a Illustrator and Photoshop friendly, or any other program you might need.

Find them on the Warhammer 40K icon page

If you have any nice svg’s lying around you would like me to add, leave a comment and let us see what we can make happen. The idea here is that more is better!



Of course all right to symbols and names belongs to Games Workshop.

364 Replies to “Warhammer 40.000 vector icons for download”

  1. thankyou sir, you are a legend. Ive tried making an svg from images but found it a bit of a nightmare as I also wanted one without the laurel wreaths and mini skull at the bottom so I can make small images to cut out on my cricut and paste around some custom scenery im making

  2. I have some questions regarding the use of these symbols if you could please email me back that would be great thanks

  3. Your work is amazing!

    I’d love to see the Icons of the branches of the Adeptus Mechanicus

    Like the Skitarii, Ordo Reductor or Auxilia Myrmidon

    Keep beeing awesome πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Matt,
      Glad to hear you found useful πŸ™‚

      It a pretty cool symbol you link to. I will give it a go sometime in the coming weeks.

  4. These are great! I’ve used a few as part of some 3d printing projects I’m working on.

    Is there any chance we could get an Adeptus Astra Telepathica one?

  5. Sir, Could you create the kill team logo with the skull and knife in svg? I am planning to create a printable Command point/Victory point marker and I would use that as a logo for that one.

  6. Can’t edit comments…. Awesome work and thanks. I am going to be using the Death Guard and Thousand Sons symbols to design and 3d print Kill Team objective markers. I will add other comment to the Thingiverse design once I am done so you can see you work put to use.

  7. Hello. I love your symbols. For the next symbols, to stay in the theme of the Adeptus Mechanicus, I propose you: Centurio Ordinatus, Collegia Titanica, Legio Cybernetica and Ordo Reductor. Good luck. You are the best πŸ™‚

  8. Thanks for an AWESOME resource!

    Dark Eldar
    Imperial Knights
    Pre-Heresy Death Guard
    Pre-Heresy Iron Warriors
    Pre-Heresy World Eaters
    Pre-Heresy Word Bearers
    Sons of Horus


    How do you want to be attributed for these, by the way? πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, I’l add them to the list.

      A link back to this page, would be great. And if you make something awesome with the icons, feel free to post a link πŸ™‚

  9. I’m using some of the Icons in a system for playing Warhammer 30k with the Raltac Rules, where you have multiple tables representing battlefields, and players can (real time) move from table to table.

    Here’s a picture of the Map where I use the icons to represent the Army for the players: http://eax.dk/skitch/raltac_map_224918F6.png (Green arrow points to Erik, who was playing Thousand Suns)

    And here you can see how the icons are used for the Players View (Where they choose where they want to go on the map) – In this case it’s the Salamanders Icon:

  10. Hello, first, that’s a great page, thanks for sharing !
    If possible, I’d like a 30k logo for iron warriors (a different “robotic head” without the chaos star).

  11. Hello-
    This is a marvelous page and the .svg files are perfect for a laser engraver. Thank you.

    I do request the Evil sunz logo- if you can do the Mek version with a wrench in its mouth, even better!


    1. Hi Chris,
      Do you have a link to the Mek version, can’t seem to find something good.

      Else, I’ll try and look into the standard Ecil Sunz icon.

    1. Hi Peter,
      I tried to investigate, but sure exactly what you are looking for. Could you please post a link the an image with the icon you’re after?

        1. Hey,
          Thanks for doing the detective work on this – I’ll have a look in the coming days and upload the repository πŸ™‚

  12. Hi, just wanted to say how fantastically useful your vectors are. I’m putting together a sheet of symbols to print onto water transfer paper and I’ve used several of your icons for various different projects, including a homebrew heresy era astartes faction. I have a lot of extra space on the sheet though and an eldar army to paint. Would it be possible to get a Craftworld Mymeara vector, at all?
    You’re doing the Emperor’s work!

        1. Of course! I have a lot more not included to this set. How can I send you those (e-mail or here)? Do you use illustrator or do you prefer an svg file with all the symbols?

  13. those really are amazing! thanks a lot! how do you feel about adding the executioners’ double axe or the “sons of the phoenix” icon?

  14. Hi!!,

    Great work! Congratulations!

    My request is about pre-primarch/pre-heresy Legion icons, like Luna Wolves, War Hounds, Dusk Raiders,…

    Thanks in advance!

  15. Hi!!

    First of all, great work! Congratulations!

    My request is about more pre-primarch/pre-heresy Legion icons, Salamanders “Saturnine Ram”, War Hounds, Luna Wolves, …
    Thanks in advance!

  16. Is it possible to make a vector for Imperial knights to get the Imp knight head symbol, chaos imperial knight head, House Krast, House Raven, and Astral claws from the badab wars?

  17. How about “The Third Covenant” Blackshield Warband for a badge? seeing as you already have the Ashen Claws badge.

  18. You really have a lot of icons by now!
    Rather than adding more, I think dividing the icons into a number of groups would be rather useful.
    Some categories could be:
    pre-heresy legions, post-heresy revised legions, second founding chapters
    imperial orders (xenos, malleus, …)
    races (dark eldar, ork, tau, imperial aquila, …)
    chaos gods, eldar gods, craftworlds

    I would be interested to see the symbols for Cegorach, Isha and Asuryan, but mostly because I haven’t been able to find them myself…

    (Also, you have misspelled “Space Wolves” as “Space Wolfs”.)

    1. Hi Emil,

      Thanks for your feedback.
      It’s on the To Do list with groups.

      As for Cegorach, Isha and Asuryan I’m not sure they exist as simplified icons. I’ll put them on the list, maybe I can come up with something as some point.

  19. Such an awesome resource! Thank you for doing this!

    If you get around to Death Eagles it would be fantastic. There isn’t a good black and white version around.

      1. I forgot to bookmark your site, but recently found it again! Thanks, I think it will come in quite handy. Your efforts for the community are much appreciated!

      1. Hi, farvig,
        Before heresy, World eaters were Dogs of War. When Emperor found Angron they have become eaters Worlds and received the symbol of, which have them now.

          1. Hi farvig,
            Can you please make the symbol of the Word Bearers first, and then the Dogs of War? Very urgent.

  20. Hi farvig,
    As the commander stribley team “Imperium” thank you on behalf of the entire team.
    I hope for further cooperation.
    Make a symbol of the High Lords of Terra.

  21. Hi farvig,
    I would like to ask for the symbols of the Sisters of Silence and the temples of Vindicar, Callidus, Eversor and Culexus.

  22. Hi there, great job on the icons so far, very impressive. If you are still adding more to the roster I was noticing a lack of Armageddon Steel Legion lightning insignia. This symbol could also double as an icon for a Chimera transport/armored fist squad in the army builder.

    Keep up the good work.

  23. I’m getting engraved ornaments made for my husband and group of friends who play 40K! You have no idea how much time you just saved me! haha. I’m a designer as well, and I was about to do all of this for their symbols. Bless you, sir….you have saved me much stress. These are fantastic! Cheers!

  24. Amazing work! I really love this collection.
    I am in the middle of trying to design a cap badge for my non-Cadian Astra Militarum regiment, and this has been a huge help.

    May I suggest crossed lasguns? It would be amazing if there were Krieg style (Lucius) as well as the regular Cadian ones.


  25. Any advices for creating a decal sheet and how to scale down the graphic without losing quality?! Havent found a Celestial Lions decal sheet and your *.SVG is the best there is! Anyway, thank you!

    1. To make a decal sheet, buy some “waterslide transfer paper” from an online retailer. Get the kind that’s right for your printer. Also remember that there isn’t white ink in a printer, so unless you’re applying the decal over a white paint layer, some colors won’t be very vibrant (like yellow).

      As far as scaling goes, you can scale SVG files up or down with no loss in quality. SVG stands for “scalable vector graphic” and is designed to do exactly what you’re wanting.

  26. Do you think it would be possible for you to make the Tyrant’s Claw symbol?

    Regardless, keep up the awesome work!

    1. Hi Mark,
      Just to be sure, do you mean the Tyrant’s Legion symbol?
      Else, can you maybe post a reference I can take a look at?

  27. Hi man loving your stuff would you also be able to do the other 2 Sisters orders please? Order of the Ebon Chalice and Order of the Argent Shroud

  28. First up, these are fantastic, very helpful for my Dark Heresy game. Second, any chance for Ork clans? Goffs, Evil Sunz, Bad Moons, Snakebites, Blood Axes, Deathskulls? Maybe even Freebootas or Kult of Speed if possible.

  29. Hey could you, if you have the time, maybe make some from this picture? I’d be most interested in the Line Command and the Destroyer symbols. Thank you so much and stay safe and healthy!


  30. HI i was wondering if you could design all of the chapters for the space wolves? The logo you have represents Blackmanes chapter. I would love to get the others.

    Let me know if you need a pic for reference. Love your work!

  31. Hi, I decided to learn illustrating to create some of the faction symbols that I suggested earlier. I’d appreciate it if you could add these to your site:

    Eldar symbols for ancient Aeldari, Craftworlds/Asuryani, Dark Eldar, Exodites, Harlequins, a few warrior aspects, kabal of the black heart, and the webway. 3 Knight Symbols: Traitor Knights, Questor Mechanicus, Questor Imperialis. A few Chaos ones: Chaos Daemons, Red Corsairs, Chaos God Malice, and Sons of Malice. Tyranids: official tyranid icon, cult of the four armed emperor.

    All these icons are based on the official artwork or books.

  32. I just stumbled onto your website and I have to say that I am in awe of the database you’ve put together. It’s really inspiring! Thanks for all of the hard work, it’s really appreciated!

    No request, just keep up the good work!

  33. Awesome job with the icons! Would be cool with an icon for Harlequins, jester type?

    Think I found a few misspellings?
    devestator 01 (devAstator?)
    assult 01 (assAult?

  34. Fantastic work on these. Would love to see more stuff for the Titan Legios and Knight Households – In particular Legio Xestobiax πŸ™‚

  35. Hello, sorry to bother you, but I wanted to ask you about a recommendation for an icon. I don’t know how busy you are considering the situation in the world right now, but when you have the time, could you upload an icon for the Void Tridents Space Marine Chapter? Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a good day.

  36. Hey. I just found your resource and it is amazing. The fact you’ve been at this for over 2 years now is super respectable and I appreciate what you are doing.

    I have a few requests for you if you can muster the time or even feel like it. A couple of these are similar to ones you already have.

    The first is the Iron Lords chapter icon pictured here:

    The Second is the Steel Confessors chapter icon pictured here:

    The Third is the Sons of Medusa chapter icon pictured here:

    The fourth one is hard. So it is the Scions of Iron chapter icon. The problem is I don’t think there’s an official icon for them. The closest I can figure comes from here: http://www.elisanet.fi/~d625133/gw/epic/Scions_of_Iron_v1.3.3.pdf
    But it doesn’t seem quite right to me. There’s a description of the icon “The Scions of Iron’s Chapter badge is a large white skull, cut in half, with the left side (facing the viewer) being contained within a cog icon, reminiscent of the Cog Mechanicum. This symbolises the Chapter’s esoteric beliefs in the sacredness of Machine Spirits and its deep, spiritual connection to the machine.” Whatever you want to do here, I leave to your creative ability.

    If you don’t want to do any of them I wouldn’t blame you. Thanks for taking the time to read this at least. Have a good one.

  37. Hello. I have a few requests I would like to submit to you.
    The Iron Lords, Steel Confessors, and Sons of Medusa.
    If possible, if you could do the Scions of Iron as well that would be great. There’s not a great visual source, but if you decide to do it I have a description for you.
    “The Scions of Iron’s Chapter badge is a large white skull, cut in half, with the left side (facing the viewer) being contained within a cog icon, reminiscent of the Cog Mechanicum. This symbolises the Chapter’s esoteric beliefs in the sacredness of Machine Spirits and its deep, spiritual connection to the machine. ”

    Thanks for considering my lofty request.

  38. Hello Folks, can I ask you to beta-test a pauldron drawing website for me please? I am the creator of drawshield.net, which provides a suite of tools for creating heraldic shields. A contact suggested that it could easily be modified to create decorated Warhammer pauldrons, so this is what I have done – incorporating the superb vector icons from our friend here and the Citadel Miniatures paint colour names. Please try it out and let me know what you think – https://drawshield.net/w40k (there is a contact form in the menus at the top) There is no charge for using the site but I like to share any coffee donations received with contributing artists if the author would like to get in touch. Thanks in advance! (PS I’m especially interested in comments about the font used for the motto, is it suitable, or is there another, royalty free, font that might be more appropriate? Thanks!)

  39. Suggestions:
    Lightning Bolt, generic fist (based off Imperial Fists), simple sword, simple crossed swords, Latin and gothic/blood angel numbers (or links to fonts)

  40. Hi farvig,

    I am making a free cyoa type game set in the 40k universe. I just discovered your images and was wondering if I could have permission to include a few in my game.


    p.s. hit me up if you would like more information.

  41. This might seem daft, but I would love to see the symbols for the Millitarium Tempestus Regiments featured in The Greater Good.

    So the 54th Psian Jakals, 32 Thetoid Eagles, 133rd Lamdan Lions, 9th Iotan Gorgonnes, 55th Kappic Eagles, and 43r Iotan Dragons.

    Really simple symbols, but I would love to see your interpretation of them.

  42. OK A few more requests/suggestions, but do you think you could also take a crack at the subfaction icons for the Dark Eldar and Harlequins?

    So for Dark Eldart, we have Kabal of the Dark Heart, Kabal of the Flayed Skulls, Kalal of the Poisoned Tongue, Kabal of the Obsidian Rose, Cult of Strife, Cult of the Cursed Blade, Cult of the Red Grief, The Prophets of Flesh, The Dark Creed and Covent of Twelve.

    For Harlequins there are The Midnight Sorrow, Veiled Path, Frozen Stars, Soaring Spite, Dreaming Shadow and Silent Shroud.

    Thanks in advance for any you are able to take a look at.

  43. This repository is getting so large it needs some structure to help navigate it. Perhaps a directory structure breaking down into factions, then chapters/regiments…. This could also be used to map out what symbols haven’t been made that could be.

  44. Possibly the rest of the Aspect Shrines of the Eldar? I see Banshees and Fire dragons, but there are quite a few others the aren’t here!

  45. I would really like to see the chapter icon of the Relictors, additionally, having the icons of the Iron Hands clans available would be really amazing. Thank you a whole lot for the resources you currently provide!

    1. Thanks to having add some Space wolves Great companies. Appreciated πŸ˜€

      I didn’t found the “Wolf that stalks between stars” symbol (the Logan’s Grimnar King’s guards Great company) : a wolf standing on his back legs, looking left.
      Did I miss it ?

      Thanks again for the wonderfull job done!

      1. Hi Francois,
        Thanks, glad you can use them.

        You didn’t miss it. It’s still on the todo list πŸ™‚

  46. This is an incredible resource. Unique in quality and variety.

    If you are still doing these, and are willing, I would absolutely love a version of the Legio Vulcanum symbol. You can see the Vulcanum wreathed brazier-over-mountain badge on the shoulder shield to the right of this picture. A more ornate version is at the top of the banner between its legs, although I realise the second may not be sufficiently clear to work from.

    Regardless of whether you take on this request, thank you.

  47. Your icons are soooo cool and an amazing gift to the community! They fit right in my 3d designs and laser print stencils. Thank you so much.

    I made my own Blood Chalice, Plague Fly, and The Purge warband icons inspired by your work. Not quite sure how to share them, but I encourage anyone reading this to download inkscape if they want to manipulate their own .svg files.

  48. Hi. I’m putting together a small project for the wargamer/3dprinter community, and would love to talk with you regarding the use of your svg icons/files being a part of a program to be converted to stls for 3d printing for a certain usage. I’ve looked for ways to contact you but cant find a direct link.
    Please if you have 5 minutes are you able to drop me an email as I would love to use your images but will not go ahead without your permission and consent.

    1. Hi Jacob,
      I’m afraid not at the moment. There is a long list of official icons and not much time πŸ™‚

      If you have a lin to a sketch or similar please post it here and I’ll have it for the future.

    colour black octopus with white skullπŸ‘Ύ
    (tentacles holding through the eye holes
    jaw yanked open)

  50. Hi farvig,

    I run a site called the Tabletop Campaign Repository (https://tcrepo.com).Β  It is a 100% free, no ad, community resource for hosting homebrew material to support narrative play in tabletop miniature war games such as Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, and others.Β  All authors are credited and all relevant sites/pages/profiles are linked.

    I used your WH40k icons (current as of today… wow you’re prolific!) in a new “icon pack” download I put together.Β  You’re credited and linked.

    You can see the download page here: https://tcrepo.com/downloads/warhammer-icons-compilation/

    Hopefully you don’t mind! Please let me know what you think!

  51. Hey there,

    found your icons today, great work.
    Do you have any plans to add some Dark Mechanicus symbols?

  52. Love these! Could you get the blood ravens logo as seen in the space marine codex, or the videogames?

  53. Hi Farving,
    Thank for your work can i include some of them in our Horus Heresy Spoiler-Free Reading order ? (Black Librarium member, i’m working on the 3.0).
    I’m currently looking for a Symbol for Tallarn and i thought of a Leman Russ since it’s a tank battle
    A sideway Leman Russ shape would be awesome, we could even imagine several since there is several variants.
    And others iconic tanks too (Baneblade, Land Raiders…)

    By the way i didn’t see any symbol for Imperial Guard as a whole or Imperial Guard Artillery.


    1. Hi Eloniel,
      Sure, feel free to use them in any hobby projects πŸ™‚ Any link bank would be greatly appreciated.

      For the Imperial guard I have this: https://bakadesign.dk/astra-militarum/ Are you thinking of something else? If so, please link to any reference.

      Good idea with the tanks. I’ll put it on the todo list.

      1. Thanks It will be a (very big) image but we have an acknowledgment tab i will reference bakadesign.dk there (here the last version for instance, the 3.0 will be a lot prettier: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:English_Horus_heresy_spoiler_free_tree.jpg).

        For Imperial Guard, hmm i really think that the leman russ is what convey the idea first, but maybe this one but without text:

      2. Thanks It will be a (very big) image but we have an acknowledgment tab i will reference bakadesign.dk there (here the last version for instance, the 3.0 will be a lot prettier: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:English_Horus_heresy_spoiler_free_tree.jpg).

        For Imperial Guard, i really think that the leman russ is what convey the idea first, but maybe this one but without text:

  54. Hi,

    Would you consider doing an Iron Snakes chapter icon? Or perhaps it’s already on your to-do list…

    Either way, I’d be very interested in getting my hands on one, if you have the inclination/bandwidth.


  55. I would love to see a Hammerhead Shark insignia. I’ve seen one done by some of the other custom minis makers, and I think it would be awesome to make an assault squad with that insignia for my marines.

  56. would be nice to see the entire Dark Angels Hexagrammaton:

    Hexagrammaton (none)
    Deathwing (have)
    Ravenwing (have)
    Firewing (Consecrators?)
    Dreadwing (Star Phantoms?)
    Stormwing (none)
    Ironwing (none)

  57. Greetings,

    I was wondering if you could do a sons of malice stl to fit on a Shoulderpad? The image of the skull with fangs on the arrows

    1. If you had the 2d image, you should be able to put it into a 3d modeling program. Once it is in, you can add thickness to make three-dimensional. Then you bring in a shoulder pad STL and have the image bend around it. Once the shape is curved, delete the shoulder pad, and you should have what you are looking for.

  58. Retributors chest logo would be cool. Would like to emboss them on some power armor torsos so i can 3d print a retributor KT

  59. If you could do it some trim and designs for stencil making would be awesome! Im looking for cog trim like what you got on the etched brass kits for iron hands years ago. Along with things like blood angels filigree

  60. Death korp of krieg icon? One that isn’t an iron cross. The helmet like on their kill team dice

  61. Hi, I love your work, and these files have been invaluable!

    Is there a chance you’d be willing to do a Howling Griffons icon?

  62. I have been looking to get someone to help me make custom chapter symbols for my homebrew chapters. I am not sure if you would do this, but it would be awesome to finally find someone that has the ability. If not what would be your suggestion to get something commissioned? Maybe ArtStation or DeviantArt?

  63. Knights of the Chalice. They are mentioned briefly in one of the much newer Blood Angels Codex. Would love to see much more added to this website besides just this successor chapter.

  64. I want a icon for my loyalist chapter called Templars Of Damnation, they are blood Angel’s successor chapter.

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  68. hey, i was wondering if you could add the rest of the regiments like Death Korps of Krieg or Catachan Jungle Fighters. at the moment only the cadian gate and steel legion has been done

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