I’ve taken the first stab at the interface and design for the Army Builder web app.

My very first mock up was very much Imperium-ish and while I like that, being a Space Marines kinda guy, I want something a bit more embracing of the different faction in the 40K universe.

So I went with the one unifying factor of 40K – besides grim and dark – the universe. All factions roams around between the stars and shoot and swing at each other so why not make that the background of the interface? I still like the idea, but it might get a bit too busy when layering unit cards and interface buttons on top.

I was also plying around with different unit card design, trying to make sure I can make use already blackĀ icons I have in the library.

army builder design v1


Design version 2: app feel

So another direction to take this would be a more generic web design. This gives the benefit of cleaner lines and less clutter, but it does become a bit “flat”.

Army builder design v2

Army add unit


Design is a personal matter but good basic UX is not. So I’ll try and combine the easy to see, easy to use web app design with a 40K look and feel in the next iteration.

Please leave your thoughts and comments below on which way you would like to see it go.

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