When we started planning Indiemondo.com WordPress was chosen as platform becasue it was the system I knew and loved. It has not let us down and actually WordPress made a much better platform than anticipated.

The post format and taxonomy capabilities (not unique to WordPress I suppose) are pretty much all you need to set up the pages and meta data for films. Set this up and WordPress delivers genre pages, directors pages and pages for all the films from a festival  out of the box – pretty much.

For the video playback, we choose Longtail Videos JWplayer – a good HTML5 ready player which integrates nicely with the WordPress plugin. We ended up writing our own plugin for full control, but thats just us…

Another reason for choosing  Longtail Videos JWplayer was the integration with the Invideous Paywall plugin. An in-player payment module which makes it possible for users to pay per view on one film basis instead of having to register for an account, setting up their payment information and so on.

If you wan’t to create a membership site, which is pretty much the standard these days, there are plenty of great membership plugins for WordPress fx Restrict Content Pro.

I hope this helps somebody to make their own VOD service site – not one to compete with ours of cause (!)  but for any other purpose.

For any questions ask away in the comments below.

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